Rawkin’ Pizza Online Course

The combination of flavor will make you jump for Joy! 😍

Thin sprouted buckwheat crust that doesn’t crumble. Topped with Medium Chili and a Creamy Dill Nut Cheese. Chiffonade Lacinato Kale, julienne carrots, shaved cauliflower for a perfect crunch. And the Marinated Crimini Mushrooms … to live for!!!

💻You will receive 10 instructional videos + 6 recipes.

👉 Watch this short video 🎥 .. and you’ll how quick and easy it is to assemble a Rawkin’ Pizza!

No time for grocery shopping, get the ingredients shipped to you🚀

👉 See below for my list of preferred Organic Ingredient Suppliers

One-time payment of $49.97


  • ✨Sprouted Buckwheat Pizza Crust
  • ✨Sprouted Mamie’s Crackers
  • ✨Dill Nut Cheez
  • ✨Marinated Crimini Mushroom
  • ✨Chili Paste
  • ✨How to sprout buckwheat
  • ✨Rawkin’ Pizza
  • ✨Ribbon Pasta
  • ✨Zughetti Mushroom Alfredo
  • ✨Crackers & Dill Nut Cheez appetizer
  • ✨Let your imagination go wild

Reduce your ingredients’ prep time for Chef Agathe’s Online Classes!


Canada & US – Real Raw Food

Real Raw Food has been my supplier since 2003. They are the best, ethical, relilable, quick delivery, they are awesome! I trust them 1000%. 😊

You’ll see a section on Real Raw Food to purchase the box corresponding to my recipe.

Visit also the entire products section .. if you wish to modify or add to your ingredients’ order.


  • $  6.00 1lb Buckwheat
  • $16.00 1lb Sprouted Almonds
  • $ 19.00 1lb Macadamia
  • $ 17.00 1lb Sundried Tomatoes
  • $ 15.00 10oz Nama Shoyu
  • $ 20.00 500ml Olive Oil
  • $90.00 total investment + shipping


This is a minimal investment for a huge return to your Wealth of Health!

To give you an idea, you will make approximatively ..

2 large Pizza Crusts or lot of Crackers

Up to 4 recipes of Dill Nut Cheez giving you 300g per recipe, even more of the Chili Paste.

And you’ll have ingredients leftover to enjoy more of those delicious recipes.

I am known for creating Nutrient Packed Recipes that will optimize your Health Deliciously and Efficiently!


Fresh ingredients and seasoning that you most likely have in your refrigerator and your pantry.

Crackers & Pizza Crusts; carrots, celery,seasoning

Chili Paste; 2 tomatoes, small amount of raisins, lemon juice, seasonning

Dill Nut Cheez; small amount of lemon juice, celery, onion, fresh garlic, dill

Marinated Mushrooms; seasoning



Food Processor

Dehydrator or Air Fryer or oven low temperature

✨creates meals in minutes

✨next to no dishes to clean

✨everyone assemble their meal

✨provides the most nutritious, delicious food ever

✨healthy for you and yours, all sentient beings and our Mother Earth.💖

Bon Appétit!!!